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About The Residency

Ross Lynn was an artist who favored, among the many crafts he practiced, the art of photography. From mountain climbing in Nepal to his family farm in North Louisiana, Ross photographed the world around him. It was not only a way to document his adventures, but an expression of himself and his perspective of life.

The Foundation wants to encourage others to nurture their ability to express themselves and communicate their view of the world as Ross did through art.

The North Louisiana Artist-in-Residence (AiR) is a residency of the Ross Lynn Foundation furthering our mission of developing individuals and expanding the arts community in the North Louisiana region. Each year the AiR will have a unique theme relating to some aspect of experiencing North Louisiana. Additionally, the medium may change as well from year to year.

Contact information

Email: programs@rosslynnfoundation.org

Phone: 601-613-1954


Cornfield at Lynn Farms on Hwy 3049.