Allan Nation Scholarship Fund


As a memorial to Allan Nation,  a scholarship fund has been established to help young people attend one of The Stockman Grass Farmer Schools. Allan was always encouraging young people to join the ranks of producers in the local, natural food movement that he so loved and supported.

You don’t have to own a farm or ranch yet. Submit an application and you will be considered.

Since Allan was a writer and loved good writing, the scholarships will be awarded based on an essay explaining how attending one of The Stockman Grass Farmer Schools will help you move toward your goals. Where are you today and where do you want to be five years from now? How will attending this particular SGF School help you move in that direction? Why do you believe grass farming is important to the environment and wellbeing of the consumer or in what ways does this practice of natural, sustainable farming serve the greater good?

Allan Nation

Allan Nation

The Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation has partnered with SGF to receive the funds and make available the opportunity for your donation to be tax deductible. Make your donation check out to Ross Lynn Foundation: Allan Nation Fund and mail it to Ross Lynn Foundation, P O Box 905, Ruston LA 71273 or make a donation online.  Ross raised produce on his family farm in North Louisiana and was a proponent of sustainable, natural agricultural practices. He was a family friend of the SGF partners.